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SNOW Terms of Use for Paid Products and Services

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this terms of use (“Terms”) is to define the rights, duties, responsibilities, and other matters between SNOW Inc. (hereinafter “Company”) and members in their use of the Company’s paid products and paid SNOW services (hereinafter “Paid Service”).


Article 2 (Interpretation of the Terms)

The matters not defined in this Terms and the interpretation of this Terms shall follow the terms of “Content Industry Promotion Act”, “Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.” (hereinafter “Act on Electronic Commerce”), “Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions”, “Telecommunications Business Act”, the “Content User Protection Guidelines” set by the Minister of Culture and Sports, other related laws and decrees, SNOW User Terms, and customs of trade.


Article 3 (Notification to the Member)

① Should the Company make notification to a member, the Company may use the e-mail address, electronic notes, and other methods inside the Service unless stated otherwise in this Terms.

② Should a notification be sent to all members, posting that notification on the bulletin board of the Company may substitute the conditions of notifications stated in Paragraph 1. However, notifications on matters that might cause serious direct effects on the transaction of a member must be notified under the conditions stated in Paragraph 1.


Article 4 (Posting of Paid Service Items)

① The Company shall post the following items on the initial page of its paid SNOW service, FAQ, or its announcement page so that members may easily understand them.

② Should there be any minimum level of technical requirements for the use and usable devices for the Company’s paid service, the guide shall be made in the recommended system requirements information page. 


Article 5 (Formation of Agreement and Other Matters)

① The agreement to use the Paid Service shall be formed between the Company and member when the member agreeing to this Terms and purchased the Paid Service through the means and payment methods set by the Company.

② The Company may deny or withhold its approval of the member’s request for use in case of any of the following:

③ The agreement is deemed to be formed at the point when “sign-up complete” or “purchase complete” is shown during the request procedure.

④ When SNOW Paid Service use agreement is successfully concluded between the Company and the member, the Company shall immediately deliver the content of the agreement including the terms stated in each Subparagraph of Paragraph 1, Article 4. However, if the member makes a purchase through an App Market, the delivery of and notice on the content of the agreement and its formation shall follow the terms of that App Market’s policies.

⑤ To use Paid Services, the member must agree to this Terms and then pay the fees according to each of the service’s conditions of use.


Article 6 (Special Provisions for Execution Agreement by Minors and Others)

① If a member is a minor (below the age of 19) or a person with limited abilities, that member must undergo necessary procedures for legal activities such as the consent from his or her legal guardian, such as parents and guardians, before making the purchase of a Paid Service. If that member does not receive the consent from his or her legal guardian under the procedures set by the Company, the purchase for the Paid Service shall not be available. Should a purchase be made without the consent of a legal guardian, then the member who is a minor or that legal guardian may cancel the purchase.

② For the legal guardian’s consent of a minor’s payment under the previous Paragraph, the legal guardian shall give consent to such payment or purchase in accordance with the instructions of the Company using mobile phones etc; and upon receiving the consent the Company will give notice of such consent including the specifics of the consent to such legal guardian.

③ The legal guardian may select and establish a period for the agreement’s validity when he or she agrees to the terms of the previous Paragraph. the Company will ask the legal guardian whether he or she will extend the period of agreement through methods such as mobile phone texts 30 days before the due date of the period that the legal guardian selected.

④ The legal guardian may contact customer services or use the page below to withdraw the consent according to this Article at any given time. In such a case, however, the purchases that have been made before the point of withdrawal shall not be canceled (Article 7 of the Civil Act).

▶Customer services: Contact

⑤ If a member who is a minor indicates that he or she is an adult or undergoes consent procedures of his or her legal guardian by stealing the personal information of another person during the purchase process, or if a member makes the Company believe that he or she is an adult or that the member received an agreement from his or her legal guardian with deceptive methods such as using payment information of another person who is an adult, under related laws, the purchase of the paid purchase shall not be available for unilateral cancellation by the member or the member’s legal guardian notwithstanding the fact that the purchase was made without the legal guardian’s consent.

⑥ If the member is a minor or a person with limited abilities, that member may be prohibited from purchasing certain paid services that have been designated by the Company. The prohibited services shall be notified separately through individual service information.


Article 7 (Suspension and Change of Paid Service)

① Should a Paid Service no longer be available due to a conversion or abandonment of business or an integration of business groups, the Company shall use methods stated in this Terms to notify its members and compensate for the damage under the proposed conditions or related laws and decrees such as the “Content User Protection Guidelines”.

② If a reasonable reason exists to do so, the Company may change a part or all of its Paid Service under operational or technical needs, and the related matters are to be posted on the initial page of the service before the change. However, if the change is serious or unfavorable to the member, a notification is to be made to the member through methods defined in this Terms, and if the member does not agree to the serious or unfavorable change, he or she may terminate the agreement to use under conditions stated in Article 10.


Article 8 (Withdrawal, etc.)

① For the Paid Service that the member purchased under the Act on Electronic Commerce, the member may withdraw his or her subscription or terminate the agreement to use (hereinafter “subscription withdrawal, etc.”) within seven days of the point that he or she received the product or received the delivery of the content. However, “subscription withdrawal, etc.” may not be allowed due to cases such as the member having already used the purchased product, the part that has been used shall not be available for “subscription withdrawal, etc.”, and the reasons for such cases shall be clearly notified to the member at the point of his or her purchase by the Company.

② Notwithstanding Paragraph 1, if the content of the Paid Service is different from the indicated or advertised information or if the content was performed in a different way from the agreement to use, the “member” may make a “subscription withdrawal, etc.” within three months of the date that he or she received the product or within 30 days of the date he or she has recognized or could have recognized one of the aforementioned cases.

③ Should the member make a “subscription withdrawal, etc.” under the terms of Paragraph 1 and 2, the product that the member purchased is to be returned, and the Company is to commence a refund procedure under the terms of the Act on Electronic Commerce.

④ Other matters on “subscription withdrawal, etc.” according to this Article is to comply and conducted under the terms of the Act on Electronic Commerce.


Article 9 (Termination, Cancellation, and Suspension of Agreement by the Company)

① Should a member violate the community guideline set by the Company or violate SNOW User Terms with forbidden actions, the Company may terminate or cancel the agreement or suspend the use of services under a fixed period without prior notice.

② The termination and cancellation of Paragraph 1 become effective when the Company indicates its will to do so to the member under the methods of notification set by Company.

③ The member may terminate or cancel his or her agreement to use Paid Services and Services if any of the following occurs:

④ If the member terminates or cancels the agreement to use the Paid Services under the terms of the previous Paragraph, the Company makes refunds to the member for the payment that it received from the member under the conditions initially set by the Company or under the terms set by the “Content User Protection Guidelines”, related laws, and this Terms.


Article 10 (Effect of Subscription Withdrawal, etc. and Agreement Termination)

① Within three business days of the date that the member expressed his or her will to withdraw his or her subscription (for cases of agreement termination or cancellation, the date that the Company answered to the member’s expression to terminate or cancel the agreement), the Company must make the refund to the member through the same method of the member’s payment, and the Company must make a prior notification to the member if the refund through the same method is not available. However, for payment methods that require confirmations on receipt of payment, the refund shall be made within three days of the payment receipt confirmation date.

② Should the Company make a refund according to the terms stated in the previous Paragraph, the Company may deduct the profit that the member gained from the use of the Paid Service before the refund.

③ During the refund of the payment, if the member has paid for the Paid Service with methods such as credit cards and digital cash, the Company requests the business owner who provided the given payment method to immediately suspend or cancel the claim of the payment for the Paid Service.

④ Should Company, the person who received the payment for Paid Service or member and person who entered into agreement to use Paid Service are not identical, each of the persons shall have joint responsibilities to fulfill the duties related to subscription withdrawal, etc.

⑤ For payments in App Markets (in-app payment), the Company takes appropriate measures that follow the terms of the Act on Electronic Commerce, such as requests for suspension or cancellation on the provision of payments to the given App Market. However, the policies of the App Market should be noted for the App Market’s response to the request of the Company stated above.

⑥ The member may file an objection according to the procedures set by the Company against its termination, cancellation, and suspension of use. Should the Company admit that the objection is legitimate, the Company shall immediately resume the member’s use of service.


Article 11 (Compensation for Member’s Damage Due to Defect of Paid Service and Other Reasons)

The Company establishes and conducts the matters on the standards, range, methods, and procedures of the compensation for the member’s damage due to defect of Paid Service and other reasons under the terms of “Content User Protection Guidelines” and other related laws and decrees.


Article 12 (Limitation of Liabilities)

① Company will bear no responsibilities or liabilities should the Company not be able to provide its Paid Service to the member due to changes in related laws, natural disasters, or force majeure events or equivalent to those reasons.

② The Company shall not be responsible for the impairment of the use of service due to faults imputable to the member as long as the Company has no reason to be at fault.

③ The Company shall not be responsible for the disputes that occur between members or between a member and a third party on paid services as long as no fault is attributable to Company.


Article 13 (No Assignment)

Members are prohibited from all acts of dispositions such as assigning or transferring their positions, rights, and duties that have been generated under this Terms to another person or using them for their right of pledge.


Article 14 (Complaint Processing and Other Damage Compensation for Customers)

① Should damage such as not being able to properly use the Paid Service that has been purchased occur to the member due to the intentional actions or gross negligence of the Company, the Company must do its best to find solutions or appropriate compensation.

② The Company operates the following center to respond to consumers’ expressions of complaints such as consumers’ damage compensation, matters on dissatisfaction, dispute solutions, and refunds.

▶ Page for requests on paid services and problem solutions: Inquiries


Article 15 (Other Matters)

This Terms is supplementary to the  SNOW User Terms, and matters not defined in this Terms are to follow the terms stated in SNOW User Terms.